Cosplayed: Nurse Joy & Professor Sycamore at Albany Comic Con


Ayyyyyyyyy! So we usually do Albany Comic Con when it comes up in the spring/fall. We did the thing and we went there today and it was crowded as hell and hot. It was really good, yeah, but it’s time to pick a larger venue for that thing. Anyway, everyone liked the cosplay, especially Slowpoke. It was his big day.

Things to get at Albany Comic Con: Lots of things. They have a good assortment of anime/retro toys and videogames/comics/star wars, tons of stuff. It’s worth the trip if you live only like an hour away. Or if you live two hours but still in New York, because New York has some really, really boring towns void of anywhere to get action figures (what is Indian Lake…) It was cool. I noticed it’s reeeeeallly jampacked with the teenagers and this time around, there were like five furries. Five. The con is getting… bigger.



ANyway, Congrats Albany Comic Con on a big good day and I hope youuuu guuuuys like my cosplay. Sorry for the shitty quality pics…the cosplay one was expertly taken by @lasttimel0rd but my phone decided to save it at potato quality.

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