So the other night, we went and saw Tomorrowland, Disney’s newest ride inspired movie and I have to say, it was better than I originally expected upon first hearing about it.

tommowland_aPlot spoilers spared, the movie follows Casey, a brilliant young girl who sees what is wrong with the world and wants to fix it in whatever way possible, even in some small way. She eventually happens upon a pin that shows her a new world, a different world, a better one. It is a place full of other brilliant people and amazing technology which more than piques her interest as the power in the pin runs down, returning her to the real world.


Through a series of events, she meets Athena, a robot girl, and Frank, a man who once lived in Tomorrowland with Athena and was her good friend. As a boy, Frank fell in love with Athena and, its apparent that as a man, he may still harbor some feelings for her. Don’t worry, there is no kissing or anything, it doesn’t get weird. It’s pretty strongly hinted at the end that she felt it back but, as a robot, didn’t really know or understand it..

It turns out that the world is in trouble, and the answer lies in Tomorrowland but, even there isn’t as Casey expected. It also happens that Casey might be the solution to the peril the world faces.

I thought the movie was visually beautiful and all the gadgets and technology were really imaginative, even with existing technology and concepts used in different ways. You get the feeling that even though you see a slew of amazing things, that you have only really scratched the surface of what this world has created free from politics, money, and distraction.

Tomorrowland-Raffey-Cassidy-AthenaTomorrowland also featured a fair bit of comedy that had me legitimately laughing a few times, especially the little quips delivered by Athena and the banter between her, Frank, and Casey.

Overall, I would rate the movie pretty positively, it has a lot going on and is definitely entertaining from the start to the finish.

Also, on a side note, hello everyone, I will be writing here semi-regularly now!

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