Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Retro Used Video Game to a Place That Sells Retro Used Video Games

OkaY!! I see you have chosen to read this. I am guessing you have some USED video GAMES. Maybe you are a collector. Maybe you play them. Maybe you let your kids chew on them or maybe you just enjoy ruining good things. Who knows?? Anyway, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to not only make it a smooth transaction that pleases everyone involved; but also you might get more money for your tiny treasure.


1. Do Not Sell It To GameStop. They don’t buy retro games anyway but I think they are going to start buying them in NYC stores (that’s what everyone is saying). Everyone on God’s Beautiful Earth knows that Gamestop is a huge corporation that will rip you off. I guess if you hate good things and love evil I respect you though, so whatever. Do you what you want. But if you want to succeed in life then probably don’t do that. Plus Gamestop puts so many DAMN stickers on EVERYTHING and it just makes things terrible.

2. If there are stickers on it, please try to get them off. I hate peeling stickers off of things. It sucks. The guy buying it will probably be pissed. He might even give you less money to compensate for the time he has to spend peeling the shitty sticker off. And he will still be pissed while doing it. Fuck you, GameStop for putting stickers on everything. For real.

3. Don’t write your name on your games when you buy them, unless you are PLANNING on KEEPING them FOREVER. I mean, we all wrote our names on our N64 games when we were children because everyone has cousins that take shit but tbh a magic eraser gets that off. When you want to sell your games, get a magic eraser, erase your name just like you’re erasing your childhood. Clean. Game.

4. Get the poopy dust out of the inside with a Q-tip. no one likes poopy dust plus if they are testing your game when they buy it, it would be cool if it works. It will work better without poopy dust.

5. Don’t go in to the store to trade in 90 games at close. No one likes that. Why would you do that?

6. If you don’t like how much the place is offering you, sell it yourself on eBay. eBay is fun activity, I like putting titles in ALL CAPS because FOR SOME REASON EVERYONE DOES THAT

7. Can’t remember if I’m forgetting anything but really just make sure your games are clean. Honestly. Really. Don’t trade in dirty games. Gross.


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