sailor moon cosplay/a horror story about a good wig gone to hell

sailormooncosplay1okay SO !!! I know you all LOVE my cosplay posts so listen to me talk about my Sailor Moon one! awwright! I’ve been working on this one for a LONG time and I have spent many dollars on it. Well today was Chase Con Expo (a bit redundant and a tiny convention, more on that later) so I broke out the Sailor Moon cosplay last night. Anyway, everything looked good except for the wig. I last used the wig last July and I THOUGHT I had super safely stored it in my closet but I guess tragedy struck, because it was tangled. It was a horrific wig disaster, but I was determined. I don’t know how familiar you are with cosplay wig maintenance, but seriously, body butter is your best friend. Not cheap body butter, but the good stuff. Just rub it in your tangely wig. Rub it in all sexy-like. Then brush your wig for hours. Brush it until you can brush no more. If there are still shitty tangles, cut them out the best you can without ruining it. I needed something to hold down the top of the wig while I brutally brushed the bottom so I had my friend Jereme sit on it. He was a real sport, he listened to me swear for hours and sat on the wig and held it while I straightened it after. That’s the next step after you brush it for ten years. IF it is a wig you can use a flat iron on, straighten it. Then style, and in this case I just covered it in hairspray. It was still too long. This wig is 80 inches long. Fuck. So, being Sailor Moon, I wrapped everything I didn’t want around her large side buns. Her meatball head. It was looking pretty cute. So it turns out the wig was okay, but I still got irritated with wearing it (it’s heavy, booooooo) so I wore it for about 20 mins. I took a photo with a small child that liked my costume. Yay cosplay success!

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