Yep. An April O’ Neil Cosplay


This past weekend I went to a thing and this thing was a cosplay occasion so I dug out an old cosplay of Keith’s – his April O’ Neil one from last Connecticon. If you know me then you’re prob very aware of my very orange hair, so I didn’t need a wig or anything (canon April has dyed orange hair anyway, yeeeee). His yellow jumpsuit was a bit faded though from previous washings, so I needed to touch it up a bit. I’ll walk you through my cosplay touch up journey. It was really easy. I hope you’re interested.

Ok! So! I bought RIT Fabric Dye at the craft store and I bought the brightest fucking yellow imaginable! Hooray! I gathered up my bucket and some salt. I mixed the salt and the dye in the bucket (incredible) and I shoved the jumpsuit in. Yep. Just shoved it in there. bucketThe box said to leave it in for a few hours but I wanted this to be REALLY YELLOW. So yellow. So I left it in the bucket for a day and a half. It looked good in the bucket. You’ll never guess what I did next.




Here it is hanging up. That is the perfect yellow.

apriloneilandcaseyjonesI threw on a white belt and some white shoes and then: I was April O’ Neil. Standing next to me is Keith who is a very happy Casey Jones. Enjoy this blurry picture of me looking miserable while wearing the finished product. I wasn’t miserable.

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