the legend of dance dance revolution

long ago, in a time before everyone I know had better things to do, a large group of wayward teenagers made their way to the mall for a long day of shoplifting and DDR. Dance Dance Revolution was 75 cents to play and seriously, where did we get all those fucking quarters? to be honest. I was never very good, couldn’t play on anything higher than standard, and was usually too shy to jump on arrows in front of all the guys and intimidating scene girls in the arcade. but I had all the DDR games for playstation 2, so I practiced A LOT. the best part was watching my friends. everyone was so fricking good at this game and I know it was just stepping on brightly colored arrows really fast but it was amazing. I loved it. some dudes got really sweaty and that was gross but most were just really good at it and really cool. in 2006, the arcade was always packed. to dibs next game on DDR you left your quarter on the corner of the screen. how did anyone know who’s quarter was whose? there were no names on those. what the hell.

but seriously, the daily routine was to wake up. get a monster. post a myspace bulletin saying you were headed to the mall, and then walk the two-ish miles through the woods to get there. (the woods was a short cut. never did like walking on the street, cars always screamed profanities at us because of our tripp pants and brightly colored hair). once arrived at the mall, usually you would do a lap and find all of your friends if they weren’t in the arcade, the food court or gamestop. and after that, steal mountain dew from target then head back to the arcade.

I feel like there was always some kind of drama but I can’t remember most of it. whatever.

anyway, today I played DDR in the empty arcade in the same mall. it was sad but also kind of totally fucking rad. I am still acceptable at it and I passed the songs I played with an astounding B. my friends weren’t there but *tear rolls down cheek* they were in my heart.

DDR is really cool and fun. I gotta’ get good at it someday.


  1. First of all cool name Invisible Cat Patrol. Second of all. I came after the DDR craze. I even bought Ultra Mix 4 for my X-Box, played it 3 times, couldn’t get into it and abandon it. Then my girlfriend saw it, wanted to play it like 2 years ago. So we did and it only made it one day before it was back in the box that I’m looking at now.


    1. first of all, thanks 😀 And haha, yeah, DDR isn’t for everyone, prob why the craze didn’t last very long. I played for the first time in many years and it is WAAAAYYYYY more tiring than it used to be. I guess ten years ago I was full of life and energy. tbh not so much anymore


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