let’s talk firefly


Ok! So! I should have watched this one a LONG time ago but, I didn’t, so I recently did and here’s what I thought. great, and definitely cancelled too soon. Not sure if I could pick a fav character but Inara, Kaylee and Simon are prob the top 3. Anyway, let’s talk about what I liked most about Firefly:
Shit, the casting was great. Not just the main casting, but the extras in every episode. It was really noticeable because there were times when they’d be in the middle of nowhere and I’d be like “hey, I see every race in the background, that’s pretty diverse and highly unlikely for the middle of nowhere”. It took me a while to realize that this is where everyone on earth went, to these far off planets so hell yeah, the population on EVERY planet would be very diverse, A+. Also it seemed strange how backwards and technologically lost some towns seemed, but I guess if left alone long enough without aid from the alliance, no kind of education system and being very far off from everything, it’s likely that a town with no technology could exist. shout out to Star Trek for making me realize that some civilizations age more slowly than others. I guess a new one could have developed in the mountains and if someone had a bible up there they would be v. superstitious.
I like Shepard, he was a good character and I am v. curious about where they were going with his mysterious story line and I do not want to look it up because I haven’t watched Serenity yet.
Simon’s love for his sister was great because it was so… believable. he gave up everything and didn’t even question it and everything about him says “I love my fucking sister and I love helping people” so nice. Kind of wondering about the future though, like he was still wearing earth fancy suits on a far off planet far into the future… looked damn good tho.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds made me like Nathan Fillion and I really never did because he was Captain Hammer and Captain Hammer was a douche. But Mal was good at heart and now when I think about Nathan Fillion I think about a cool captain and not a hammer penis.
Kaylee’s fear in the last episode when the bounty hunter was on serenity was so real. she is a great actress and I was VERY hella impressed, another A+ there.
I loved River Tam and I loved ALL of Inara’s outfits, beautiful. Dang.
Honestly the only thing I didn’t like about firefly was the lighting in the episodes. Small thing to be picky about, but a lot of scenes were really faded/washed out. I feel like it cut a lot of the emotion in scenes. That is my only complaint and to be honest I loved Firefly. Sorry to everyone that told me to watch it in the past ten years, I def should have watched it sooner.


Probably going to read the comics!!!

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