here is a post about the recent condition of neopets dot com

I have a lot more to say about this but it will be a quick post. if you are for some reason behind on your neopets drama here is the deal: jumpstart bought neopets last year and this past weekend, they cut the staff. it is very sad because I LOVE the content neopets puts out and I am concerned for the future of neopets without the staff that has been working so well for years. also this past weekend the FIRST EVER neopets app came out (it’s a puzzle game) and we all should have been rejoicing but instead we were concerned for the future of the website. (the app is gr8 by the way, i’m actually making neopoints for the first time in months what with the lag and no keyquest and all) But all this brings up a good point: things change. ALL NEOPIANS were PISSED when they converted pets so we could customize them. I thought it was the worst. but now I blow real world cash on the latest fashions for my pet and I love it. also when viacom purchased neopets the pound was down like forever (a year) and everyone was in a big panic but you know what??? it’s back and it’s better than ever. things change, websites morph into what they need to be to get better. I miss the neopets staff but maybe a year from now the good will outweigh the loss. maybe we will finally have a totally rad app that you can do dailies with or maybe a keyquest 2, who knows. nobody. I know it’s the dark ages now but I believe in neopets dot com

thank you

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