what do star trek and degrassi have in common

honestly star trek is one of the only things I can watch multiple versions of and still be interested. the next generation? loved it. voyager? loved it. even star trek enterprise was alright, though I never got to finish that one. the new star trek movies? pretty good. old star trek? great. I love seeing different stories all from one concept, the concept being star fleet and the things that go on in the line of duty. different people. same thing. many stories. I love it. the same goes for degrassi. degrassi is another universe I can watch many different characters develop in and still enjoy it. someone please write a degrassi/star trek crossover fanfiction. (fun fact: there are 17 known Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek TNG crossover fanfictions and I am going to read them all) anyway, if you know of any other things that are enjoyable without the same main crew being around all the time, hit me up because I love it. I love captain picard. I love seven of nine. two different series. same show. I love it.

thanks for listening

also if we’re being honest star trek: the next generation is my fav star trek

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