tomodachi life made me feel better

I got Tomodachi Life for my birthday in August and honestly it was a pleasant distraction. My favorite thing to do is delete people I hate. Haha, nah, but really though. I made Mii’s of all my friends and also of anime characters (huge surprise, I am a garbage) but I really liked it. They’re a bit demanding and I didn’t really like that the end game was to have a baby, but other than that it was like having a bunch of needy cool friends. There’s a compatibility tester too, and I am really sad that I wasn’t extremely compatible with Spike Spiegel. Also there was a lot of customization options with clothes and looks and apartment and aojffahfaihfioashfiah I just had a lot of fun. It sounds silly but I fucking loved it. Hell yeah.
My friend Kyle married Faye Valentine (congrats bro) and had a little baby girl that he lovingly named Scott. Also Ben married Helga Pataki. No kids yet. Ben wasn’t who she was most compatible with, that was actually Light Yagami. But either way, congrats Ben. I love my little Mii’s and I don’t need a social life.

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